Silverline Interior
Interior designing is all about appearance as much as its about bringing peace, harmony and organization to your home.
Our classic modular home furniture designs reflects individual taste and presents excellent finishing and alluring touch to the complete home decor portraying the dexterity of our craftsmen.
A creative, talented and qualified young team designers according to your needs.
Kitchen is the central hub of every home that reflects your lifestyle and taste. It’s probably the first place you stop when you enter your house. People often check this room when they visit your place.
Style, space, layout, lighting and maintenance are integral parts of the bathroom design. Bathroom designers should not only give you a beautiful bathroom, but also making the space function properly, and at a reasonable cost. Tile designs are a great solution for maintenance of free designs. They offer trend-setting styles with ease in cleanability.
Highly qualified and experienced architects, designers, project managers, engineers, supervisor, and a skilled labour force in excess of 500 persons with the reputation of working round-the-clock.
Silverline Interior state of the art plant is a blend of man and machine. Highly skilled craftsmen work with the finest automated machinery for precision cutting, post forming and perfect edge binding to produce high quality furniture.
Bedrooms can be categorized in four major types namely, master, teenage, kids and guest. This classification is based on the group ages of family members who are going to use them. Some of the key elements of bedroom design are decoration, colors, furniture arrangement, flooring, and lighting.
Living room designs should create an atmosphere of comfort. It should be ideal for friends to visit, a place to relax and read a book, a place to watch TV and a number of things that can be done in a comfortable manner. The size of the living room would determine the living room furniture, living room colors, flooring, lighting, walls etc