Silverline Interior
We provide our clients with quality range of durable and long-lasting modular office furniture. Designed to perfection, this modular office furniture has smooth edges and a fine finish.
An elegant office atmosphere raises greater client confidence in an organisation, improves employee loyalty and a functional office which maximises individual productivity. Today, an office must be able to change size and shape at a moments notice. SilverLine Interior guarantees you that you will always be able to adapt to the changes.
The Reception
 It is the reception area that makes the first impact on the visitor and which colours his expectation of the space ahead. If the business of your company calls for continuous interaction with your guests who need to be suitably impressed, then it is important to have our finest ideas adequately dress up your reception area.
The Conference Room
Conference rooms are central areas of your office. From our expertise in designing Conference Rooms, we would provide a unique, yet comfortable environment that would impress your clients.
The Flooring
 Since your office floor is subject to more wear and tear than any other surface in the room, we provide long lasting and resilient solutions which is imperative for your floor.
The Pantry
Our innovative designs will give you a clean and pleasant looking cafeteria or canteen that provides sufficient space for employees to gather, relax and socialize.
Restrooms which are perhaps more important than any other room, reveals the true class of a company and its attitude towards cleanliness.
Commercial Interior Designs
We are passionate about providing new and creative designs for our clients, ranging from large offices, to restaurants, hotels, schools, retail stores, clubs, and hospitals.